03/24/2017 Nevada mayors Carolyn Goodman of Las Vegas, John Lee of North Las Vegas, and Andy Hafen of Henderson have joined the Clark County Board of Commissioners in proclaiming March 26 to April 2 as “NVCON Week,” recognizing the ARRL Nevada State Convention (NVCON), March 31-April 2. The community leaders encouraged the citizens of their respective localities to pay tribute to the area’s Amateur Radio operators. Nevada radio amateurs will convene in Las Vegas for the NVCON. The state is home to more than 7,600 radio amateurs, many of whom provide communication support during emergencies, disasters, and public events. Featured […]

Mayors, Commissioners of Clark County, Nevada, Salute Amateur Radio

03/23/2017 A thorough and fully annotated discussion of Near Vertical Incidence Skywave (NVIS) is available in the research paper, “Radio Communication via Near Vertical Incidence Skywave Propagation: An Overview,” by Ben A. Witvliet, PE5B/5R8DS, and Rosa Ma Alsina-Pagès. First investigated in the 1920s, NVIS propagation was rediscovered during World War II as “an essential means to establish communications in large war zones such as the D-Day invasion in Normandy,” the paper notes, adding that the US Army subsequently sponsored a lot of NVIS field research, especially between 1966 and 1973. More recently, NVIS has become a popular means to enable close-in […]

NVIS Research Paper Available

03/21/2017 The deadline is April 15 for schools and formal or informal educational institutions and organizations — individually or working in concert — to submit proposals to host Amateur Radio contacts next year with ISS crew members. Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) anticipates that contacts will take place between January 1 and June 30, 2018. Crew scheduling and ISS orbits will determine the exact contact dates. Proposal information and documents are on the ARRL website.   To maximize these radio contact opportunities, ARISS seeks proposals from schools and organizations that can draw large numbers of participants and […]

ARISS Deadline Looms to Accept Proposals to Host Contacts with Space Station Crew

03/17/2017 Ulrich Rohde, N1UL, will receive the Distinguished Achievement Award from the IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society this summer. A formal presentation will be made at the IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society Symposium, July 9-14, in San Diego, California. The Distinguished Achievement Award cites Rohde’s outstanding career achievement in the field of antennas and propagation: “For pioneering work and contributions to the field of Antennas and Propagation, leading to development of wireless communication systems for industrial, military and space applications.” In 2016, the IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society honored Rohde with that year’s Microwave Application Award, citing his “significant […]

Ulrich Rohde, N1UL, to Receive Distinguished Achievement Award from IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society

03/17/2017 “Remote Antenna Tuners” is the topic of the just-released episode of the “ARRL The Doctor is In” podcast. Listen…and learn! Sponsored by DX Engineering, “ARRL The Doctor is In” is an informative discussion of all things technical. Listen on your computer, tablet, or smartphone — whenever and wherever you like! Every 2 weeks, your host, QST Editor-in-Chief Steve Ford, WB8IMY, and the Doctor himself, Joel Hallas, W1ZR, will discuss a broad range of technical topics. You can also e-mail your questions to [email protected], and the Doctor may answer them in a future podcast. Enjoy “ARRL The Doctor is In” […]

The Doctor Will See You Now!

03/17/2017 Washoe County, Nevada, ARES was among the disaster response groups honored by the Washoe County Board of Commissioners on February 21. A Board proclamation recognizes the efforts of these groups in two recent disasters — October’s Little Valley Fire and January’s floods and blizzard. The commissioners said that the region relied on a multi-tiered emergency response system to protect lives and property during the two emergencies. Other agencies honored included the American Red Cross, Washoe County Citizen Corps, Volunteer Organizations Active in Disasters, and The Salvation Army. A video showed how County staff responded to the extensive flooding in […]

Nevada ARES Team Honored

03/17/2017 Skip Youngberg, K1NKR; Bill Machia, WM3N, and Dudley Allen, KD0NMD, were among those sponsoring World Association of Girl Scouts and Girl Guides’ “Thinking Day on the Air” (TDOTA) events in February that enjoyed enthusiastic participation. “Thinking Day,” officially February 22, commemorates the birthday of Lord Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of the Scout and Guide movements, as well as that of his wife, Olave, who was the first World Chief Guide. “Talk about excitement, exhilaration, and satisfaction!” said Youngberg, an ARRL Life Member who got involved in TDOTA through his daughter Jill Galus, KB1SWV. She enlisted his club, the Nashoba […]

Girl Scouts and Guides Get Thinking about Ham Radio

03/16/2017 Motorola Solutions has filed complaints in federal court (US District Court for the Northern District of Illinois), alleging that Hytera Communications’ digital mobile radio (DMR) products employ techniques and systems that infringe on Motorola Solutions’ patents and trade secrets. Already known for its Land Mobile Radio Service products, Hytera entered the Amateur Radio DMR market last year. Motorola alleges that proprietary and patented information was taken illegally by three former company engineers who now work for Hytera, as “part of a deliberate scheme to steal and copy” its technology. “Motorola Solutions believes that Hytera is intentionally infringing its intellectual […]

Motorola Solutions Sues Hytera Communications, Alleging Patent, Trade Secrets Theft

03/15/2017 With a whopping 31,000+ listings, the new ARRL Repeater Directory® is the most complete printed directory of on-the-air repeaters ever! The 2017-2018 edition (46th edition) has 10,000 more listings than the previous edition, covering repeater systems throughout the US and Canada. Repeater systems are listed by state/province, city, and operating mode. Analog and digital repeater systems are included: FM, FUSION, D-STAR, DMR, NXDN, and P25 systems. ARRL partner RFinder, the creator of a web and app-based directory of Amateur Radio repeaters worldwide, supplied all data for the 2017-2018 ARRL Repeater Directory®. RFinder uses “crowdsourcing” technology to aggregate timely and […]

New ARRL Repeater Directory® is Biggest Ever!

03/15/2017 More than 40 South Florida Amateur Radio volunteers supported event and emergency communications on January 29 at the 15th running of the Miami Marathon and Half Marathon. Amateur Radio has been a critical part of this major international event each year. Depending on their assignments, volunteers report as early as 4:30 AM for the start of the event and may remain in place for up to 9 hours. Many of the hams who turned out this year have volunteered for all or many of the 15 Miami Marathon events. Operating from a mobile command unit at the finish area, […]

Hams Support Miami Marathon Communication for the 15th Consecutive Year