On Thursday 12 January 2017, an ARISS contact is scheduled with three schools in Belgium. Two schools will operate from the Euro Space Center. The event will be web streamed live on: The radio contact is scheduled at 13.47 UTC, which 14.37 CEWT. The web streaming will start around 14.00 local time. 73, Gaston Bertels, ON4WFARISS past chairman Source link

ARISS contact webcast

This Gary Pearce KN4AQ video from the TAPR/ARRL Digital Communication Conference covers IPv6 and HamWAN IPv6 is the brand new addressing scheme for the Internet that will solve all the problems of running out of addresses that IPv4 will run into… um… yesterday. It will provide enough unique addresses to assign one to approximately every molecule of matter on the planet, or at least all the Internet of Things things that Scotty Cowling listed in HRN 289. And by brand new of course we mean 20 years old. And in Internet years, that’s old. We learn all this from Brian […]

HamRadioNow: IPv6 and HamWAN

An International Space Station radio contact has been planned for astronaut Thomas Pesquet KG5FYG/ FX0ISS with Collège Saint-Guibert, Gembloux, Belgium and Euro Space Center, Transinne, Belgium. The event is scheduled Thursday January 12, 2017 at approximately 13:47 UTC , which is 14:47 CEWT. The telebridge contact will be operated by K6DUE, located in Maryland, USA. Three schools will participate to this ARISS contact:– Saint-Guibert College (students at their college in Gembloux)– Kindergarten and primary school Sainte-Lutgarde (students on Space Camp at Euso Space Center)– Saint-Laurent school (students on Space Camp at Euro Space Center) Presentation Saint-Guibert College (Gembloux) Belgium The […]

ARISS contact planned for schools in Belgium

The Daily Gazette reports teen radio operators at Schenectady Museum recently talked with an astronaut aboard the International Space Station Teenage radio operators from the Electric City talked with astronauts aboard the International Space Station last month thanks to recent upgrades to the Broughton Memorial Radio Room,  in the lower level of miSci on Nott Terrace Heights. The communication was made between 2:50 and 3:01 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 10, 2016 using the Schenectady Museum Amateur Radio Association’s W2IR station that broadcasts from the room, said James MacMurray N2UZQ, a member of the radio group. High school students from miSci’s Teen […]

ISS links up with students at Museum

The FCC has turned down two petitions filed in 2016, each seeking similar changes in the Part 97 Amateur Service rules. James Edwin Whedbee, N0ECN, of Gladstone, Missouri, had asked the Commission to amend the rules to reduce the number of Amateur Radio operator classes to Technician, General, and Amateur Extra by merging remaining Novice class licensees into the Technician class and all Advanced class licensees into the Amateur Extra class. In a somewhat related petition, Jeffrey H. Siegell, WB2YRL, of Burke, Virginia, had requested that the FCC grant Advanced class license holders Morse code operating privileges equivalent to those […]

FCC dismisses two petitions from Radio Amateurs

IHSG (International Ham Stores Group) one of Europe’s largest importers, distributors and retailers of ham and hobby radio products, is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Beko Elektronik high quality amplifiers after being awarded sole reseller status in the UK and Ireland. BEKO-Elektronik (BEKO) are renowned for their very high quality VHF/UHF amplifiers having both high efficiency and delivering high spectral purity performance. Some of the top products delivered by BEKO include the HLV-1000, a 1KW 2m amplifier that can be supplied with input drive levels to suit the individual user. These can be as low as 7dBm to […]

IHSG becomes Beko Elektronik sole UK reseller

According to the letter from the state enterprise ‘Committee on state control in sphere of telecommunications, informatization and mass media’ which is the radio spectrum management authority in Kazakhstan with the outbound # 16-1/1824-i dated 22nd of December 2016, the amateur radio service in Kazakhstan has been allocated the 5351.5 – 5366.5 kHz band (60m) on the secondary basis. This allocation is received after the Association of the Amateur Radio Services of Kazakhstan has addressed the issue to the Minister on information and communications of Kazakhstan, Mr. D. A. Abayev, in order to allow allocation of the band based on […]

60m band allocated in Kazakhstan

Yet another poor week and I’m afraid it is probably the forerunner of many to come. Monday was the best day without a doubt Source link

Tony's 10 Metre Band Report

MFJ Enterprises a manufacturer of a broad range of products for the amateur radio industry specializing in station accessories, antennas and antenna tuner units and InnovAntennas Limited a designer and builder of modern computer optimized directional antenna systems, today announced a partnership which will increase the availability of InnovAntennas smaller antennas in addition to providing a new and up to date range of computer optimized directional antennas for Hy-Gain and Cushcraft, two of the legacy brands of MFJ Enterprises. Justin Johnson G0KSC, owner of InnovAntennas Limited (a member of the International Ham Store Group) who is also a contributor to […]

MFJ in partnership with InnovAntennas and G0KSC

by Ted Hart and Paul Birke Two Engineers, Ted Hart from Georgia in the USA and Paul Birke from Ontario, Canada have teamed up to write this book. With over 100 years of combined antenna and electrical engineering experience, they have applied the Poynting Vector Theorem of 1884 to fabricate a new antenna technology. The result is the Poynting Vector Antenna that has a much smaller footprint, only a small fraction of the size of an equivalent Hertz Antenna. The wide frequency tuning range, high efficiency, and large instantaneous bandwidth place this antenna in a unique category all alone. The […]

The Poynting Vector Antenna