Field Day

07/24/2017 Tuesday, July 25, is the deadline for submitting your ARRL Field Day results. The Logs Received page shows all submissions sent via the Field Day web app. Submissions made only via the [email protected] e-mail account or sent by mail, will appear on the list after the submission deadline, once manual entry and processing have been completed for hard copy entries. The e-mail address is not automated; it’s just an e-mail drop for required documentation and photos. After all submissions have been tallied, ARRL will publish an updated list and announce it on our website. Then, if you believe there […]

Tuesday, July 25, is the Last Day to Submit Field Day Results

06/21/2016 Wildfires in New Mexico have put at least one planned ARRL Field Day siteoff limits for the June 25-26 weekend. Assistant Section Emergency Coordinator Jay Miller, W5WHN, said the Albuquerque DX Association W5UR group will have to relocate its Field Day site away from the Cedro Peak picnic area, now closed due to the Dog Head Fire. Miller said that if the Battleship Fire had not been contained, access to the W5WHN Field Day site in the mountains would have been threatened. New Mexico SM Ed James, KA8JMW, will operate Field Day from the New Mexico State Emergency Operations […]

New Mexico Wildfire Emergency Threatens Some Field Day Sites

  Several amateurs with Part 5 experimental licenses in addition to a few Part-15 operators will be transmitting Field Day greetings on medium wave and long wave throughout the ARRL’s Field Day, June 25 and 26. These stations include but are not limited to: Callsign   State   kHz   Mode   ERP   Amateur Call sign WG2XIQ   TX    474.5   CW    5-7W    KB5NJD WH2XHA   PA   476.6  QRSS3  1W      K3DZ WG2XSV   WA  475.5   CW     1W      W0YSE/7 WG2XKA   VT   472.5   CW     1W      WA3ETD WM*        IL  185.301 QRSS  6mW     N8OOU +CW Participant updates and status will be posted at Stations at Field Day sites are encouraged to […]

A MW and LW demonstration/outreach opportunity during ARRL Field Day 2016

05/23/2016 Day 3 of Hamvention is finished, and with it the 2016 Dayton Hamvention has ended. The sun was shining all day, allowing hams to explore the flea market and make any last-minute purchases. Traffic slowed down in the ARRL EXPO and the ARRL Store after days of long lines. In Hara Arena, vendors gradually packed up their displays and carefully took down antennas. At the Amateur Radio Disaster and Emergency Communications Panel, representatives from Amateur Radio disaster and emergency response organizations gathered together to answer questions. The panel was moderated by ARRL Emergency Preparedness Manager Mike Corey, KI1U, and […]

Dayton Hamvention 2016, Day 3: Sunshine and Served Agencies

05/10/2016 The June edition of Digital QST is now available at • Build a rotatable Lazy H antenna for 6-meter Field Day fun. • Try a simple telescoping whip antenna for Field Day in your own back yard. • Learn about the new Field Day bonus points. • See which is more effective: a dipole antenna or a full size vertical loop. …and much more! Enjoy Content You Won’t Find in the Print Edition… • Watch a video demonstration of the MFJ-5008 Ultrasonic Receiver. Every issue of QST is filled with the news and features you need to keep […]

The June Issue of Digital QST is Now Available!

07/14/2015 If you worked VY1AAA in Yukon Territory (Northern Territories or NT Section) during Field Day 2015 or Canada Day, the operator was actually in the US. VY1AAA is a Canadian club station call sign for the station of J Allen, VY1JA, near Whitehorse, Yukon Territory. Gerry Hull, W1VE, was among those operating VY1AAA remotely from the K1B Field Day site of the Contoocook Valley Radio Club (CVRC) in New Hampshire. The operation was part of a project to provide remote control capability for VY1JA, and Hull said the point of the VY1AAA call sign was not to burden Allen […]

Remotely Controlled VY1AAA Put Northern Territories on the Air for Field Day, Canada Day

06/22/2015 Maxim Memorial Station W1AW has announced its Field Day bulletin schedule for W1AW. For the benefit of Field Day operations in the West, the Maritime Historical Society’s K6KPH will also transmit the W1AW Field Day bulletins. All classes of Field Day stations can earn 100 bonus points for copying the special Field Day bulletin transmitted by W1AW (or K6KPH) during its operating schedule during the Field Day weekend. An accurate copy of the message must be included in your Field Day submission. The Field Day bulletin must be copied via Amateur Radio. It will not be included in Internet […]

W1AW Announces Field Day Bulletin Schedule

06/10/2015 ARRL Field Day, coming up the weekend of June 27-28, often offers an ideal occasion for hams to meet members of the media or the public and to describe the event specifically and Amateur Radio in general. ARRL Media and Public Relations Manager Sean Kutzko, KX9X, and ARRL Public Relations Committee Chair Katie Allen, WY7YL, joined “Ham Radio Now” host Gary Pearce, KN4AQ, to share some views and advice on the topic “What Field Day is REALLY About” and how to convey this to the general public. All three agreed on one big point: Stress that 95 percent of […]

ARRL Representatives Talk “Field Day” Publicity on “Ham Radio Now” Webcast

Once each year thousands and thousands of ham radio operators participate in what some consider to be an annual contest – Field Day. Field Day has a more serious side to it than being just a contest however. I call it a contest because the national organization of ham radio, the American Radio Relay League does actually keep scores for each ham radio station that participates in Field Day. While most hams do want to get their score as high as possible during Field Day the objective is to practice and refine communications skills “in the field”. Many ham radio […]

Ham Radio’s Annual National Contest – Field Day!