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10/24/2017 The 12th Annual ARRL On-Line Auction is on, with more than 250 items up for bid this year. The list includes QST Product Review gear — already ARRL Lab tested — as well as vintage books, previously owned gear, and one-of-a-kinds. The ARRL Lab team also has contributed four of the very popular “mystery boxes.”   Some of the premier Product Review items up for bid include the FlexRadio Systems FLEX-6500 SDR transceiver and updated SmartSDR software for Windows, Elecraft KX2 HF QRP transceiver, Kenwood TH-D74A analog and D-STAR VHF/UHF transceiver, and the Yaesu FT-891 HF and 6-meter transceiver. […]

Bidding is Now Open for the 12th Annual ARRL On-Line Auction!

10/13/2017 “We had a stressful night on the island!” That’s how Puerto Rico volunteer Jeremy Dougherty, NS0S, described a medical emergency on the island of Culebra in which Amateur Radio played a major role. Dougherty, a Force of 50 American Red Cross volunteer who is supporting communication at Culebra Hospital, said fumes from a gasoline fuel container ignited last evening (October 12), seriously injuring a woman who needed immediate help. Dougherty was unable to raise any of the other volunteers in San Juan — likely because of the late hour — but the only doctor at the hospital at the […]

Puerto Rico Volunteer Aids Burn Victim, Contacts Family via Ham Radio

07/13/2017 There’s no substitute for being there, and for elite contester and WRTC 2018 participant Tim Duffy, K3LR, and other competitors, this meant traveling to Germany, where WRTC 2018 will take place in 1 year, in part to prepare for the big show. Duffy said getting on the air from Germany during the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) HF Championship this past weekend provided an opportunity to test the waters, so to speak, by making sure that equipment works as it should, that propagation from Europe is understood, and that he and his team mate Sandy Raeker, DL1QQ/N0QQ, have a […]

WRTC 2018 Teams Prep for the Big Event in Europe

06/28/2017 “Germany Welcomes the World” is the theme of the 2017 edition of Europe’s major annual Amateur Radio gathering, known simply as Ham Radio but more commonly called “Friedrichshafen,” the city on the shores of Lake Constance where it takes place each summer. ARRL President Rick Roderick, K5UR, will head a League contingent to the event, which this year runs from Friday, July 14, until Sunday, July 16. The show was rescheduled from June, due to a schedule conflict at the Friedrichshafen Fairground (Messe Friedrichshafen), where Ham Radio is staged.  Others on the ARRL team attending Ham Radio/Friedrichshafen will be […]

“Germany Welcomes the World” to

05/11/2017 ARRL will present a “Meet the Author” area in the ARRL EXPO at Hamvention® 2017, to give visitors an opportunity to speak with authors who are inspiring today’s radio experimenters, operators, and innovators. Three authors will be in the ARRL EXPO area: Ward Silver, N0AX, author of new ARRL publication Grounding and Bonding for the Radio Amateur. This book shows you how to build your ham radio station with effective grounding and bonding techniques for electrical safety, lightning protection, and RF management. Silver is also the author of ARRL’s Hands-On Radio Experiments (volume 1 and volume 2), ARRL License […]

Meet the Author at ARRL EXPO!

03/17/2017 Skip Youngberg, K1NKR; Bill Machia, WM3N, and Dudley Allen, KD0NMD, were among those sponsoring World Association of Girl Scouts and Girl Guides’ “Thinking Day on the Air” (TDOTA) events in February that enjoyed enthusiastic participation. “Thinking Day,” officially February 22, commemorates the birthday of Lord Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of the Scout and Guide movements, as well as that of his wife, Olave, who was the first World Chief Guide. “Talk about excitement, exhilaration, and satisfaction!” said Youngberg, an ARRL Life Member who got involved in TDOTA through his daughter Jill Galus, KB1SWV. She enlisted his club, the Nashoba […]

Girl Scouts and Guides Get Thinking about Ham Radio

Radio Communications for Hobbyist to Business Professional Under One Roof Three of the UKs leading Ham Radio retailers and manufacturers have come together to form the “International Ham Stores Group” which will operate from a combined showroom and distribution centre at Portsmouth from April 1st 2017.   A ‘soft start’ migration to Portsmouth will commence for both Waters & Stanton and InnovAntennas from their current Hockley facility to Portsmouth in January 2017. This strategy is being employed to ensure a smooth transition with least disruption to day to day operations to ensure a seamless migration from a customers perspective. The […]

International Ham Stores Group

12/07/2016 As in past years, Santa Claus will be spreading the spirit of Christmas via Amateur Radio, but this year the elves are taking over the show. Twelve elves are operating OF9X (“Old-Father-Nine-Christmas”) for the entire month of December, each with a 3-letter identification. Radio amateurs can work OF9X on all bands and modes, from 630 meters (where authorized) to 70 centimeters. Each contact is worth 1 point for stations in Europe and 2 points for stations outside Europe. The elves provide the multiplier — up to 12 — to determine your final score. Only contacts made in 2016 are […]

Elves at OF9X Bring the Spirit of Christmas to Ham Radio

Ham Radio is a fascinating hobby. Since licensing was first issued, many millions of radio licenses have been issued. With the rapid development in radio and electronics in recent years, equipment has become cheaper, smaller and technically better. The hobby of amateur radio is still going strong with many new recruits joining the ranks every year. Becoming a radio ham is one of the most exciting, high-tec, educational and useful hobbies you could find. It includes many different groups of people around the world ie. pilots, sailors, doctors, scientists, students, astronauts, even celebrities. First Lady Betty Ford was a CB […]

Ham Radio – A Fascinating Hobby

The European DX Foundation (EUDXF) will celebrate its 30th anniversary at Ham Radio 2016 in Friedrichshafen, Germany, June 24-26. The EUDXF DX dinner is set for the evening of June 24 in nearby Tettnang. The European DX convention will take place on Saturday, August 27, and the EUDXF DX Award will be presented during the convention banquet. The EUDXF was active in the CQ World Wide WPX CW contest… Source link

The European DX Foundation Marks 30th Anniversary